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November 01, 2013

Thanks for the leather, it arrived yesterday. I have another rainy day project.

The most recent Trinka 10 "Nationals" winner is Linda Haesche of Marblehead and Punta Gorda. She won the single elimination Trinka 10 regatta for 2012 and 2013. Over the years we have had as many as 25 competitors in 3 boats usually racing in Pelican Bay near Boca Grande.  In the early days, capsize was a common event with folks that hadn't been on the tiller in many years and maybe never on a 10 foot sailing dinghy.  Over recent years, capsizing has been non existent, and using only two boats, match racing skills were put to the test.  I'm sending along some pictures taken in 2011 and 2012 of the Trinka 10  Nationals.

Larry Holden

Owner's Comments

From: David Kipp
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 4:35 PM
Subject: My Trinka 10

David's Trinka 10

 I have had my Trinka 10 for 5 years and would only let go if I was getting another. I bought her from a friend who owned her through 2 boats and many years of hard use and some abuse, but of no concern to me because of how well built she is. So after some haggling, I bought her with the stipulation that if I sold her it would be only back to him. Mark Johannsen builds them one at a time in true craftsmanship manner with attention to every detail. The boat is as stable as they come and a real pleasure to row, sail, pull, or motor. At 18 years old, 3 owners and countless miles around the coast, I know she will be around many more.

David Kipp
Sebastian, Florida


I bought a Trinka 8 last month and am using it in place of my Avon Rover.  The Trinka is an extremely well-crafted boat, very very pretty and wonderful to row.  Mark Johannsen builds them one at a time at Vero Beach, FL, and has built so many for Island Packet owners that he even stocks the IP paint so the Trinka will match the IP hull.  Mark's attention to detail is amazing.  He even puts leather on the oars and builds a liner into the dinghy.  There are stainless rub strakes on the bottom so you do not grind the glass when you come ashore.  The rubrail is beautifully thick and covered with canvas, and the gunnel itself has about 5 layers of teak strips and glass epoxied together for strength and beauty.  The teak trim is very handsome.  Everything is classic and classy, right down to the bronze oarlocks.   ... Charles 0  S/V Serenity

We just wanted to take the time to write and tell you how happy we are with our Trinka 10.  After much research, I decided that a Trinka would be the best dinghy for our cruising family.  My family and I just got back from 5 months of cruising the Bahamas.  The dinghy was towed the entire 5 months, regardless of weather conditions, which included 2 gales.  We saw many other brands of dinghies on our cruise... Halcyon, Dyer, Fatty Knees, etc.  None of these towed well, and it was almost unbelievable how unstable they were compared to our Trinka.  After riding in these other boats, we can honestly state that a Trinka is much better built.

For 2 1/2 months, the wind blew 25-30 knots.  My family includes 2 children, ages 7 and 10.  We did not hesitate when necessary to go to shore under these conditions.  I can't express the importance of a good stable dinghy... when you are returning to your vessel at night, with 3-4' seas, the wind howling, with your wife and children, you don't care what your dinghy cost.  You are just glad yours is a Trinka!

Having compared five or six of "the best" tenders, my opinion is that the Trinka 10 is by far the best in fiberglass, and among the best built when compared to the finest wood custom boats.  It is extremely strong, beautiful of line, and impressive in detail.  One simply looks at the Trinka 10 and understands it will hold up forever!  The hull finish and joiner work are superior.We are really pleased with the performance of 'Binky', our Trinka 10.  It rows like a dream, sails on a whisper, and tows beautifully.  We have yet to put the 4hp outboard on it--because it performs so well without it.  She towed beautifully in a 30 knot following breeze in the Chesapeake, which is noted for developing quite a chop.  We had painters on both towing eyes, and she tracked beautifully and stayed bone dry.  As we use our dinghy, the attention to detail and T.L.C. it received during its construction become apparent.  In this day and age, quality in a product is all too rare, and we want you and your helpers to know how very much we appreciate it.

My wife and I have been sailing for 40 years and have recently made the switch to a Willard 40 trawler.  During those years, we have had dinghies build by Sumner, Avon, Dyer, and Fatty Knees.  None has come close to the joy of owning a Trinka.  The quality is outstanding.  The Trinka is a dream to row and sail and performs very well with a 2.3 hp outboard.  My wife is thrilled with the stability, comfort, and seaworthiness of the Trinka.

The boat arrived (via Bekens) yesterday afternoon in good shape! There was no impact indicator on it, but it didn't look like it had been damaged. We got the crate off and it was perfect! (Nice crate, by the way). No nicks or scratches, all intact!

I went for my first row, noticing a bit of water coming in the drain plug. We tightened down the plug, but it still had droplets coming through slowly. I noticed that the top threads of the plug were still visible. I have not yet taken the plug out and restarted it as we didn't have the right tool available at the times but will do so today. Should any of the threads still be visible when screwed in properly? I'm sure all is well. We are going out for the day and won't get to it until later today.

The Jockey Red color and the bottom color are just beautiful. We have blue lines for it and it looks quite patriotic, especially for my birthday, July 4th. What great timing, all of it! It's worked out perfectly. Aren't I a lucky bunny!!  In addition to the beauty of every detail, I am thrilled with the way the wooden transom fits against the hull (the vertical sides in particular) as I look at "Whimsy" carved so beautifully within it while rowing. The boat feels strong and sturdy, safe. It moves through the water almost effortlessly! Wish I could be home today to play in it!

My Trinka 10 arrived today, Thank you.  I have been called "hard to please" enough in my life that as difficult as it is to admit, there must be some truth in it. I had very high expectations from the research I have done and, suffice it to say, the boat exceeds all of them. The fit, finish and craftsmanship are exemplary.

Your choice of hardware is perfect, the bright work is as well. I can not remember the last time I have said this but I would not change a thing. I am splashing her in the morning and if the sweet lines are any indication, she is going to be as lively in the water as she is pretty just sitting on the wharf. I'll send pictures of her once I install the chocks and have her properly shipped aboard. Please feel free to use me as a reference which is not an offer I make often. Again, thank you very much.

Mark went the extra mile to make sure we had the perfect boat to meet our needs, and delivered a nicely performing, very high quality, and fun addition to our life. I can't say enough good things about the boat or Johannsen Boat Works. Regards, Frank

In July I docked in McCargo Cove at Isle Royale National Park. It was a perfect setting for a row in my new Trinka 8. (Friend and crew Bill Rhoads took the picture.) I towed my Trinka across 150 miles of Lake Superior to get to the cove, and we arrived without a drop of water under the floor boards.--H. Goldman

Block Island August 2014

We still love our Trinka 8. After about 16 years of use between New England and Bermuda Alewife is still both the toughest and most elegant dinghy on each dinghy dock and beach we visit. She has performed every function from rowing out a second anchor to serving as a bathtub filled with sun-warmed rainwater in St. Georges.
Best Wishes and I hope you are doing well.--W. (Skip) Medieros

Trinka 10

I have owned my super boat since 1995. I live on the Connecticut shore. This boat has been sunk, towed really fast, tipped over and had over a dozen teenagers having adventures that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

This boat can take a beating and keep on floating. I leave it sitting on the beach all summer and it was a fort for 2 young boys around 4 years old all last week. I took it sailing Sunday, first time out sailing all year and it preformed wonderfully. Greta boat-

Thank you
Tom DeVivo and family

Hi Mark and Suzanne,

I hope all is well with you. I finally got our new Trinka 10 in the water yesterday. Wow, what a dream. I made a bridle to lift it at the oarlocks as suggested by Mark. It worked like a charm. I rowed it around the creek to where I can leave it on an electric lift that will make it easier to access and use. The lift is in the perfect location to either pick up the Trinka for a cruise, tour around the Annapolis area or go for a sail. I am looking forward to a sail.

As you should expect I received many compliments on the beauty of the boat even in that short trip. You should be very pleased and proud. I don't know if it will generate any new business for you but I can say people really noticed the boat. Thanks again for the nice boat.

Joe Credit



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