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Rigging Instructions for the Trinka 8 Sailing Dinghy

  1. The longest line (30') is the halyard.  Secure halyard to the head of the sail. 
    Note:  Halyard should be set up prior to stepping the mast.

  2. The next longest line (25') is the sheet.  The sheet runs from the bottom eye on the boom end fitting, down through the traveler block, back up to the first block on the boom, then forward through the next block on the boom.

  3. The third longest line (60") is the outhaul.  Tie the outhaul to the clew on the sail, and run it through the block on the end of the boom, and foward to the cam cleat on the boom.

  4. The fourth longest line (60") is the traveler.  Secure the traveler through holes in the quarter knees, with figure "8" knots.  (Be sure to feed it through the traveler block first).

  5. The shortest line (36") is the downhaul.  Secure the downhaul to the bottom of hook, and tie down to clear on mast.  (Make sure the hook is upward).


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