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Trinka 8 Specs                          Description
Standard Features That Will Set New Standards

Every Trinka dinghy we build includes all the standard features we think a tender must have to provide the years of service you expect. Each feature contributes to the ruggedness, safety and reliability of your Trinka, and provides a cruise-ready dink right out of the shop.

  • The hand-laid fiberglass hull is beautifully fair, and finished with gelcoat inside and out.
  • The inwale and outwale are double laminates of quarter-sawn, 1/4" x 1 ¼" Teak sandwiching the hull, epoxy glued, and stainless thru-fastened from alternating directions on four inch centers. This gunwale construction can withstand years of slamming and abuse.
  • The breast hook of 1 ½" Teak is fiberglassed to the hull from the underneath, then bolted through this glass as well as the gunwale. This stiffens the bow, increasing Trink's impact strength while providing a secure base for a bow cleat.
Breat Hook
  • The quarter knees of 1 ¼" Teak are epoxied and screw-fastened to the transom and gunwale. These stiffen the hull, increase the rigidity of the transom and add to the Trinka's impact strength.
  • The transom is reinforced with solid Teak for outboard and sailing-rudder strength.
  • The bow and stern flotation seats are integral fiberglass chambers. They're not only airtight, but oil and gasoline-tight, too. Construction exceeds all Coast Guard requirements.
  • Every Trinka is fitted with the best gunwale fender we've found, of Dacron-covered, closed-cell, flexible urethane foam. This fender is far superior to all others we've seen, from pop-rivited plastic flange coverings to laced rope. We install it with monel staples (hidden, about every inch) on the upper and lower edges of the outwale Trinka must. If it begins to show wear (probably some years), it can be removed and inverted for another tour of duty. The transom ends are finished with leather.
  • Cove Stripe/sheer strake lines are scribed into the hull for the addition of second or third colors. And every Trinka receives a gold Mylar™ cove stripe.
  • Of course, your Trinka must have have oarlock sockets. We install two pairs in each dinghy (solid Bronze, ½" bore)
  • The center rowing position is perfect for one person or three, and bow-rowing position is best with only one passenger sitting aft. If you really want to move, you can row in tandem with one or two pairs of oars.
  • A heavy-duty off-shore towing eye is installed with extra fiberglass reinforcing to withstand even a capsize at high speeds without pulling out or damaging the dinghy. The eye is a 3/8" stainless steel u-bolt (not just a cast eye bolt) backed up with a stainless steel backing plate, lock washers and lock nuts.
Towing Eye
  • The dinghy's forefoot always takes a beating from beach landings and from debris while being towed or motored. So, we install a stainless-steel half oval to protect your Trinka's bow. The stainless-steel extends from 18" aft to 4" above the waterline. This is stainless fastened into extra-thick fiberglass bow reinforcing. We also install the half oval stainless-steel skeg landing shoe to help preserve one of the most vulnerable wear points of the boat.

Available Options

Every skipper has different requirements for his tender. On top of Trinka's exceptional standard features, you can choose from our list of optional goodies and make your dink a real little yacht. Use the "Trinka Tinker Sheet" to order the boat you want.

Sailing Model
Teak Floorboards
Bilge Bailer
Stainless Steel Transom Molding
Davit Lifting System
Bronze Cleats
Bottom Skids
Professional Lettering


Sailing Model:  The Trinka sailing model comes fully-equipped with mast, boom, Dacron sail, dagger board trunk, dagger board, rudder and all running rigging, plus all standard rowing features. She sails like a witch, but is stable enough for use as a trainer. Perfect for exploring and gunkholing on light wind days!

If you think you might like to convert your rowing Trinka to a sailing dinghy sometime in the future, we can install the integral mast step when we lay up your dinghy. Sail, mast, boom, board and rudder/tiller can be ordered when you're ready!

Teak Floorboards: Solid Teak 3/8" floorboards will keep your feet, groceries and gear out of bilge water while adding measurably to safe footing. These floorboards are turn-button fastened together in two sections for easy removal. These very atractive floorboards will make you Trinka stand out as a no-nonsense dinghy while contributing great practicality.

Bilge Bailer:  A bilge bailer can be installed to provide automatic bilge purging while towing or when the dink is hung, stern down, on davits. The bailer is a Elvstrom™ trap door type bailer, and it can completely purge a swamped Trinka in about five minutes at five knots. We know - We've done it!

Stainless Steel Transom Molding:  If you've ever had to row out an anchor, you know how an anchor chain will chew up the upper edge of your transom. To prevent such damage, we'll install a protective and very attractive Stainless-steel transom molding.

Davit Lifting System:  If you wish to be able to lift your dinghy on davits or a halyard, we will install a three-point stainless-steel wire lifting system. Let us know the distance between your davit tips so we can correctly locate the lifting pad eyes.

Lifting System

Bronze Cleats:  Your Trinka can accommodate three cleats; the breast hook and two-quarter knees. We'll install polished bronze cleats for you. They are three inches long, thru-bolted with large washers and lock nuts.

Bottom Skids:  We think bottom skids are a real must for the serious cruiser who lands on a lot of rough beaches. We'll bed and thru-bolt four skids of ½" x ¾" oak to help preserve your Trinka's bottom paint and retard wear of the fiberglass. They'll also strengthen your Trinka.

Professional Lettering:  Now that you have decided to own the boating world's finest dinghy and yacht tender, wouldn't it be a shame to botch the transom lettering job and/or registration numbers? We have at our disposal one of the finest lettering men in the country who will give our new Trinka that final professional touch. We need your own ideas on colors, letter style and design, then we'll send you a sketch of our proposal and agree upon a price.

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