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Standard Features
The quarter knees of 1 ¼" Teak are epoxied and screw-fastened to the transom and gunwale. These stiffen the hull, increase the rigidity of the transom and add to the Trinka's impact strength.
Every Trinka dinghy we build includes all the standard features we think a tender must have to provide the years of service you expect. Each feature contributes to the ruggedness, safety and reliability of your Trinka, and provides a cruise-ready dink right out of the shop.

The hand-laid fiberglass hull is beautifully fair, and finished with gel coat inside and out.

The inwale and outwale are double laminates of quarter-sawn, 1/4" x 1 ¼" Teak sandwiching the hull, epoxy glued, and stainless thru-fastened from alternating directions on four inch centers. This gunwale construction can withstand years of slamming and abuse.



The transom is reinforced with solid Teak for outboard and sailing-rudder strength.

Gunwale The bow and stern flotation seats are integral fiberglass chambers. They're not only airtight, but oil and gasoline-tight, too. Construction exceeds all Coast Guard requirements.

The breast hook of 1 ½" Teak is fiberglassed to the hull from the underneath, then bolted through this glass as well as the gunwale. This stiffens the bow, increasing Trink's impact strength while providing a secure base for a bow cleat.
Breast Hook





Every Trinka is fitted with the best gunwale fender we've found, of Dacron-covered, closed-cell, flexible urethane foam. This fender is far superior to all others we've seen, from pop-rivited plastic flange coverings to laced rope. We install it with monel staples (hidden, about every inch) on the upper and lower edges of the outwale Trinka must. If it begins to show wear (probably some years), it can be removed and inverted for another tour of duty. The transom ends are finished with leather.

Cove Stripe/sheer strake lines are scribed into the hull for the addition of second or third colors. And every Trinka receives a gold Mylar™ cove stripe.

Of course, your Trinka must have have oarlock sockets. We install two pairs in each dinghy (solid Bronze, ½" bore). The center rowing position is perfect for one person or three, and bow-rowing position is best with only one passenger sitting aft. If you really want to move, you can row in tandem with one or two pairs of oars.

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