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What Makes a Trinka a Trinka?

  • Ample freeboard for greater capacity and increased safety and dryness in choppy conditions.


  • Hollow bows and run for almost effortless rowing, easy, level towing and sailing performance.
  • Enough transverse stability to support 120 pounds of gunwale loading without shipping water. Longitudinally, a 150-pound swimmer can climb in the Trinka from the transom without fear of dumping the dink, and can stand on the forward seat or even the breast hook for reaching those excessively high seawalls.
  • Classic, high and sheers for dryer rough-water rowing, powering and sailing.


  • Long, straight keel/skeg profile for extremely stable tracking when rowed or towed, as well as more uniform weight distribution when landed.
  • All hand-laid fiberglass hull construction. No chopper gun or vacuum molding: 1/8" at sheer; 3/16" at bottom; ¼" at stem, forefoot and skeg.
  • Deep, wide molded skeg for bilge drainage, easy pumpbailing, greater landing strength and directional stability.
  • Thoroughly rounded hull shape for inherent strength, for rowing, sailing and powering performance, and for traditional beauty.

 Hull Shape

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