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  Models:   Trinka 8 Yacht Tender   Trinka 10 Yacht Tender  
  • A rowable and sailable yacht dinghy that keeps you and your gear dry when the others are getting drenched!

  • The towable rowing and sailing yacht tender that holds up to the rugged cruising service that destroys most toy dinks.

  • Looks like the fine boat she is... not a basement bargain or jelly bean.

  • A rigid, fiberglass yacht dinghy that doesn't have to be blown up, won't deflate, and won't flip over in high winds.
  • The rowable, sailable and towable yacht tender admired and envied by the most particular and demanding seamen in the world.

  • A comfortable rowing yacht dinghy that gets up to 15 feet per stroke.

  • A very versatile yacht dinghy that can carry four adults plus luggage or two full-size bikes, two adults and a couple hundred pounds of groceries or gear.


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